So, they didn't knock

So, they didn’t knock the spirit out of me, no-siree! I was free of my father, surfing the wild waves of liberation, looking forward like a pilgrim, not back like a refugee. I luxuriated in the glory of the California summer where even Joshua trees glowed. I decided to roam the earth performing on the streets, sleeping where I fell, living on my wits, howling against the wind because it meant something, because someone heard, someone beyond explanation, no-one definable, definitely not God.

I remember everything.

-- Frank Witness.

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the word on DEMOCKERY

“An amazingly original novel with a unique voice and mind set, virtually every paragraph is a delight to read as is the whole conceptual flow of it. As a media person I particularly relate to the magnification of the world of media and spectacle and how it has transformed our values and our relationships, in particular our relationship with ourselves.”

-- Jay Levin

"Perhaps the first important novel of the post-paradigm era, a dystopian tale ripe with a cast of compelling characters, madcap events and a race to the finish. Frank Witness, a resurrected individual teetering on the cusp of enlightenment, has seen the light and knows the score.  And it ain't pretty.  But Frank has a message and is hell-bent on delivering it to the opiated masses.  Demockery dives deep and burns like a satellite in a flaming arc through the New we know as the Now. Welcome to the 21st Century.  Welcome to Demockery."

-- Doug Lewis, Venice Arts Club

"Does to organized religion, pop culture and the media what “The Loved One” did to the funeral business”

– Phil Maggini


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